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Kri Echo Resort, Papua New Guinea

clip_image002temp_000_000 Sitting on the edge of mountainous Kri Island the dive resort is shaded by palm trees that run along a long fine white sand beach.  Wild birds awaken our guests each morning at sunrise so they will be on time for breakfast and the morning dive.

We see Eclectis Parrots, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Hornbills, Great Billed Parrots, Brush Turkeys, Lorikeets, Kingfishers and others during the day. A jetty built over the large shallow lagoon in front of the eco-resort also leads to five of the guest houses. As a bonus, since accommodations are over the water, we often see sharks, rays and schools of fish in our “garden”.

The compressor, storage, toilets, baths and staff quarters are located on the island, but in distance to the resort. Our dining and kitchen house is alongside the beach over the water! You can almost cool your toes while having dinner at high tide.

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