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Santika Resort & Thalassa Dive Centre, Manado

Santika Resort & Thalassa Dive Centre, Manado In the middle of the Indonesian archipelago lies the island of Sulawesi, on the northern point of which lies Manado. The Santika Manado Hotel is set on the beautiful coastline looking out to the offshore islands including Bunaken and Manado Tua.

There are 100 air-conditioned guest rooms, all with private facilities and private balcony. There is a swimming pool with poolside bar, and the public areas are built very attractively combining comfort and local influences. The restaurant serves sumptuous local and international cuisine and the resort makes an excellent choice for those with non-diving partners.


The well renown Thalassa Dive Centre based at Santika is a PADI 5 star centre from which you can reach the Bunaken Manado Tua Marine Park by speedboat in a mere 15 minutes. The marine reserve boasts a truly rich marine environment of extreme beauty and diversity.

There are five islands in the park surrounded by coral reef, with superb drop-offs and walls. There is a profusion of both hard and soft corals, and myriads of rare schooling fish and invertebrate species. Reef sharks, ribbon eels, barracudas and turtles are found in abundance and pilot whales can be sighted en route to the reserve. There are over 20 recognised dive sites including Sahubg Island, Bangka Island and Black Rock – highly rated for night diving.


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