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Sorido Bay Resort, Papua New Guinea

Sorido Bay Resort, Papua New Guinea Sorido Bay Resort, Papua New Guinea is newly built and opened November 2004. The resort allows our guests to experience Western style comforts in a traditional Papuan setting. Located on a beautiful deep lagoon and white sand beach on Kri Island , the dive resort is central to the most spectacular dive sites in the Raja Ampat.

Each bungalow is decorated/furnished in a special Papuan style using museum quality artifacts. All luxury is available, Air-conditioning, hot showers, television, refrigerator etc.   All bungalows are spacious and built on the seashore, a guarantee for a stunning view over the bay area.   Great attention is given to the smallest detail.

The resort is VERY photographer friendly . Each building has a 60 x 330 cm table especially for camera work with good light. The tables are supplied with 110V and 220V build-in electricity outlets. The camera tables have each a built-in sink and running water.


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