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Oman Hotels & Villas

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  • Muscat
  • Hotels & Villas in Muscat

    Sifawy Boutique Hotel, Oman | Scenic getaways

    The Sifawy Boutique Hotel offers a warm and friendly atmosphere, reflecting the hospitable nature of the Omani people. The Sifawy Boutique Hotel is in the Sultanate of Oman, only 45 minutes drive from the capital city Muscat.

    Al Sawadi Beach Resort | Beaches & on the waterfront

    About 70km from Muscat Airport, this beautiful and popular holiday and beach hotel is situated at the Al Sawadi beach and stretches along for more than 1000-metres. The spacious hotel, and nice garden, offers lots of activities and is a popular choice for families.

    Oasis Hotel, Cairo | Scenic getaways

    Egypt is the largest country in North Africa with over 87 million inhabitants. It is considered one of the world’s first nation states, from the tenth millennium BCE, with one of the longest histories of any modern country, which is one of the reasons so many come to see its rich cultural heritage.

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