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Papua New Guinea Hotels & Villas

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  • Raja Ampat
  • Milne Bay
  • Hotels & Villas in Raja Ampat

    Sorido Bay Resort, Papua New Guinea | Scenic getaways

    Sorido Bay Resort, Papua New Guinea

    Sorido Bay Resort, Papua New Guinea is newly built and opened November 2004. The resort allows our guests to experience Western style comforts in a traditional Papuan setting. Located on a beautiful deep lagoon and white sand beach on Kri Island , the dive resort is central to the most spectacular dive sites in the Raja Ampat.

    Kri Echo Resort, Papua New Guinea | Beaches & on the waterfront

    Sitting on the edge of mountainous Kri Island the dive resort is shaded by palm trees that run along a long fine white sand beach. Wild birds awaken our guests each morning at sunrise so they will be on time for breakfast and the morning dive. We see Eclectis Parrots, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Hornbills, Great Billed Parrots, Brush Turkeys, Lorikeets, Kingfishers and others during the day.

  • Hotels & Villas in Milne Bay

    Tawali Resort, Papua New Guinea | Scenic getaways

    Tawali Resort, Papua New Guinea

    Tucked away, only accessible by boat, sits what may be Papua New Guinea ‘s best kept scuba diving secret – Tawali Resort. Welcome to the exotic culture of Papua New Guinea and to Tawali Resort. Located on a volcanic bluff overlooking the clear protected waters of Milne Bay , Tawali offers travelers a unique location to dive, relax and enjoy the unspoiled wonders of this magnificent part of the world.

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