Exclusive Guest Article From Expert Diver John Bantin: Palau

by Bruce Lyons - April 28, 2014

Palau, a land of reefs and relics from WW2.

With connections via the American island of Guam or Tapei in Taiwan, nowadays it’s not difficult to get to the islands of Palau even if they do seem very far from the UK. The biggest island, Babeldaob, sounds like it featured in Jonathon Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, but the main town …Read More

The Best Places to Learn to Dive – Part Two: The Mediterranean

by Bruce Lyons - February 5, 2014

It looks like Part One of the ‘Best Places to Learn to Dive’ series was very popular! Thank you to all who have and will read it; I hope it was of help. A special ‘thank you’ to Sykose Extreme Sports News for re-blogging the post.

While I did say that there would be two posts, I must …Read More

The Best Places to Learn to Dive – Part One: The Red Sea

by Bruce Lyons - January 16, 2014
Learn to Dive: Red Sea

I began to write this entry intending for it to be only one post, but as I started I just kept on! So now, you have two posts to look forward to, as I share my thoughts and knowledge on the best places to Learn to Dive, and the other exciting activities in which you…

We have picked out …Read More

Red, White or Blue – What’s the Choice for You?

by Bruce Lyons - January 3, 2014

School break, in our experience, has always been quite difficult to plan. It’s a holiday, so naturally one wants to take the family away, but for a holiday it’s just not long enough. So, what does one do, and where does one look, when planning a break to de-stress from the New Year? Let …Read More

The Holy Land

by Bruce Lyons - December 12, 2013

Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Red Sea, the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea – places we hear about on a daily basis at this time of year. Christmas remembers the birth of Jesus Christ, and the travelling three kings.

Is it safe? You may ask. Of course I say it is, but I am biased since …Read More

10 Amazing Things You Probably Don’t Know About Sicily

by Bruce Lyons - November 27, 2013

Sicily is one of those rare gems of the world where you’re likely to have an experience like no other. Largest of the Italian Islands, Sicily is rich in history and culture – you wouldn’t think this idyllic retreat would harbour such charming secrets, and it’s all there for you to discover.

To start you off, though, we would …Read More

Why the Red Sea for Christmas?…

by Bruce Lyons - November 14, 2013

The Red Sea might not be the first place that comes to mind when deciding where to migrate over Christmas; more so, perhaps, given the media coverage on the Arab Spring, which might have unsettled some travellers. However! ‘Tourists’ and travellers have been visiting the Red Sea for millennia – Moses started it! Rumour has it …Read More

DEMA Happens Once a Year, and with it comes Good Cheer!

by Bruce Lyons - November 6, 2013

Every year, the good and the great of the sub-marine world gather somewhere in the USA for the annual DEMA Dive Show.

DEMA is a traders-only event and, as you may expect, the best; the most exotic; the most adventurous, and the newest operations are launched – and, invariably, as you can imagine, they bring with them some of the best offers for worldwide diving.

Please read on for …Read More

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Crusader Travel …

by Crusader Travel - October 31, 2013
crusader travel twickenham

You may have probably seen us mentioned around the community, you may have done business with us, or you may have even played with our Chess Set outside our offices on the square.

Well, this humble travel agent on Church Street has now entered the realm of blogging, and to start off we’ll be covering a few things you …Read More

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