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Pyramids, Pharaohs and Heiroglyphics

Possibly the worlds best value for money, most historically rich and fascinating place to travel..


  • Arabic is the predominant language in Egypt. To say ‘hello’, say marhaban (pronounced mer-heb-a)
  • It is highly advised to go into the town at least once or twice. Cairo and Sharm-El-Sheikh are great cities to visit.
  • There are over 1000 species of fish and 150 species of coral to discover in the Red Sea.
  • Egypt is an attractive holiday choice because of its cheap flights and hotel resort prices. This includes the price of meals and beverages.
  • A haircut is as affordable as €5!
  • The best preserved temples can be found at Edfu.
  • We have written a whole page dedicated to helpful Information for those traveling to Egypt.
Four Seasons Resort, Sharm El Sheikh

Four Seasons Resort, Sharm El Sheikh

Where to stay in Egypt



Egypt is the largest country in North Africa with over 87 million inhabitants. It is considered one of the world’s first nation states, from the tenth millennium BCE, with one of the longest histories of any modern country, which is one of the reasons so many come to see its rich cultural heritage.

Ancient Egyptian culture is a worldwide interest and travellers marvel at its iconic monument such as the Great Sphinx, the Giza Necropolis, which is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and many ancient ruins from Thebes, Karnak and Memphis.

Egypt caters for all types of holiday-goers from those traveling solo, to couples, children and wild sport lovers.


bazaar egypt

The Red Sea is regarded as one of the most highly visited diving spots in the world with its all-year-round warm waters, stunning coral reefs and colourful marine life including whales, rare dugongs, blue spotted rays and sharks.

Individuals and families can learn how to dive in the red sea for the first time in a variety of PADI Diving Centres with academic theory courses available online. Many beginners take up open water courses and advance divers can qualify as open water divers out there as well. The selection of diving resorts in Egypt include Ras Mohammed, Elphinstone and the Brothers, as well as historic wrecks such as the Thistlegorm.

Children can enjoy snorkelling in the dazzling Red Sea and a game of treasure hunt amongst the numerous ancient monuments, tombs by Luxor and galleries of Tutankhamun. Young adventurers can take a boat trip down the River Nile, quad bike in groups in the dessert of Sharm-El-Sheikh and ride horses to the Pyramids of Giza by Luxor Museum.

There is also the challenging mountain climb up Mount Sinai which is best done in the middle of the night to catch the sun rise and capture the most beautiful shots of the Egyptian landscape.

Check out some of our activity options in Dahab – also a hotspot for family friendly beaches.

Cairo and Sharm-El-Sheikh offers a diverse range of spice markets, night life venues and restaurants. Speaking of which, Sharm-El-Sheikh is considered one of the biggest resort regions of the Sinai and popular for those travelling with children and large families.

Nature lovers would appreciate fishing and ecology safaris in Lake Nasser, with stunning scenery and all sorts of exciting wildlife, including crocodiles!

Wear plenty of high factor sun screen and a hat to protect yourself from being over-exposure to the sun. Also bring evening wear as there are plenty of opportunities to go out for stylish dinners and taste some of Egypt’s customary cuisines.

Experience Egypt

  • crocodile
    Enjoy an unforgettable adventure across the tranquil waters of Lake Nasser, Egypt. Experience one of the largest man-made lakes in the world while sports fishing and exploring this huge desert lake from the comfort of your own fully equipped live aboard boat. Discover the lesser known temples as well as Abu ...
  • House and Fishing Boats Eco Safari Lake Nasser, Egypt
  • Red sea diving
    The Red Sea is one of the top diving destinations in the world, where the desert meets the ocean, its truly one of the planet’s most exotic and fascinating natural seascape environments. The underwater scenery is rich with colourful, coral-covered reefs, famous dive sites such as Ras Mohammed, Elphinstone and the ...
  • Dahab lies alongside the deepest section of the African rift, the giant crack in the earth’s crust that forms the Red Sea. The coastline is fringed with jagged mountains, which is mirrored at the same angle underwater forming a dramatic seascape of valleys, canyons and caves. The contrast of life ...
Egypt Holiday Review

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