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Eilat is Israel’s most Southerly point enjoying a warm desert climate, flanked by majestic mountains and the glistening waters of the Red Sea.

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With a very low January average rainfall (0.66 cm), it is a superb winter-sun destination offering a diverse range of accommodation from luxury hotels to beachside scuba diving lodges. The hotels are great with daytime activities and night life and the people are friendly and welcoming.


Eilat offers great snorkelling and diving and is the closest coral sea destination to Europe. It is a paradise for holiday makers who are interested in water-sports and one of the safest places to learn to dive with safe, easy access from a sloping beach into an incredible underwater garden.

Dubbed the ‘the underwater diving classroom of the world’, the underwater nature reserve is also adjacent to Aqua-Sport’s popular beach where you can enjoy Wind and Kite surfing almost all year round, courtesy of the desert winds.


Eilat is at the northern tip of The Gulf of Aqaba, which forms part of the Great Rift Valley. The Valley is a world-famous migration centre, where you can experience the thrill of bird migration twice a year during the passage periods from Africa in October/November and south in March/April.


Visit the Negev Desert, which spans from Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean all the way south to Eilat, where you can experience many treasures, such as:

  • Massada
  • Dead Sea – the lowest place on earth, the waters of the Dead Sea have been renowned for their therapeutic effects since ancient times. Two thousand years ago, Flavius wrote that the salts from the Dead Sea heal the human body. The Dead Sea can be easily combined with an Eilat vacation, the hotels offer spa treatments.
  • Avdat – Nabataean city ruins and a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • extraordinary Kibbutzim Agricultural settlements
  • The Makhtesh Crater – an enormous below sea level depression with rare flora and fauna and wonderful geological finds. On the rim you will find the small town of Mizpe Rimon.

The area is crisscrossed by ancient tracks from the time of the traders and the Spice Route that ran between the Land of Sheba to the Mediterranean; this gives opportunities for fascinating desert adventure and trekking programmes for the outdoor enthusiast.


There are 7 weekly flights from December through to the end of April, from Northern Europe including one from Gatwick.

Eilat is easily combined with Tel Aviv flights so you can make the most of both a beach and discovery holiday.  Imagine a week on the beach, followed by a week discovering Jordan, immersing yourself in a Holyland tour or taking on a Kibbutz Fly-drive holiday.

With so many options and itineraries available, call and talk to us now about how we can design your perfect holiday.

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