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  • The flightless bird, the Dodo is Mauritius’ national symbol which became extinct in the 17th century.
  • Considering the mix of populations Mauritius has it is, in actual fact, no bigger than the size of Surrey (UK).
  • While many countries consider it polite to receive gifts with both hands, Mauritians prefer to receive things with the right hand only.
  • There are no wild animals on the island. Even the snakes are not poisonous.
  • There is a mix of Hindus, Muslims and Creoles who are primarily Catholic in Mauritius.Large Green Lillie leafs in Mauritius

Where to stay in Mauritius


Mauritius is a volcanic island of palm-fringed beaches and lagoons sat in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar. It has a reputation for stability, tranquillity and harmony given its mix of ethnic populations including Europeans, Africans and Asians that make up the Creole heritage.

Many newlyweds choose Mauritius as their honeymoon destination as it is peaceful and tropical and has the best sea lagoons and beaches to adore. But it is also a great holiday destination for families as it has the best beach resorts with many inclusive facilities from play centres, gyms and golf and tennis courts. There is a lot of fun to be had for all ages.


Mauritius is full of nature attractions, from Tamarin Falls to the national park of Black River Gorges. This is a wild indigenous forest in the central highlands that is filled with some of the rarest plants and animals. The tiny coral island of Ile aux Aigrettes is home to a giant tortoise, Mauritian kestrel and pink pigeon. Pamplemousses Royal Botanical Garden is also a rare sight which has a collection of palms and the ‘Victoria Regia water lily’ where lilies grow as wide as two feet.

If you enjoy sports you can head to the Ile aux Cerfs on the eastern region of the island which is popular for day trips. They offer a variety of water sports and even a large 18-hole Bernhard Langer golf course. You can take quad bike rides to explore the seascapes and hidden away lagoons or go sky diving in Casela parc. Domaine Etoile is a good place for zip lines across valleys and trekking along rivers. Alternatively you can drive around the island to explore the key highlights of Mauritius on a one to two week trip.

If relaxation is what you’re looking for then hit your own hotel resort as there are many spa treatments on offer. We have plenty exciting options for those wishing to spoil themselves rotten!

City life is pretty quiet in Mauritius but should you seek interaction with the locals then Port Louis is your answer, where fresh tea leaves, sugar cane and spices fill the air. There are a variety of exciting early morning hawker stalls to feast your eyes on.
Grand Baie is a bit more cosmopolitan with plenty of options for local shopping and eating.

And remember to try out Mauritius’ local speciality which is a multi-cultural palm heart salad. Its local seafood dishes are to die for

. If you’re thinking about choosing Mauritius as a honeymoon spot, then look not further. Click here for more information on what to do with your true love on your dream holiday.

Bird eye view of the white sand beach in the Indian Ocean - Mauritius


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