Papua New Guinea

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Expect The Unexpected

If you’re a sucker for adventure and mystery, there aren’t many places on the big blue planet quite as primitive and culturally diverse as Papau New Guinea..


  • The wet season is between November and May
  • For some history, be sure to check out the National Museum
  • Driving is on the Left-hand side of the road


Where to stay in Papua New Guinea


It is difficult to have a brief discussion about an indigenous history of New Guinea as the peoples are so varied (about 800 different languages) because of the lands enormously varied environments and geography, however following is a very brief outline: 40,000 years ago the greater Australian landmass had been colonised by Asian peoples. The amazing part about this colonisation was that it required watercraft. It was not until about 30,000 years later in the Mediterranean is there strong evidence of watercraft anywhere else. At the end of the last ice age, 10,000 years ago New Guinea was cut off from the Australian landmass by the Torres Straight, which triggered divergent development of the Australian Aborigines and New Guineans, with Australia being generally dry and arid than younger New Guinea, which is one of the wettest and most fertile places on Earth.


Trans Niugini Tours


Experience Papua New Guinea

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