After the wedding, relax in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s beaches are long, gorgeous and golden, so by day you and your new spouse can stretch out on a sun lounger and listen to the sounds of the sea to recuperate after the wedding.

If you go at the right time of year, those beaches become nesting places for turtles. Many hotels have turtle conservations projects and you can watch the eggs hatching and even help the babies find their way to the waves by night.

Then there are laid-back beach bars where the cocktails are expert (and cheap) and the staff friendly. Music is a big part of local life and you can try your hand at a bit of salsa dancing in the bars. If you find you have two left feet, don’t worry – the locals will simply laugh at you and attempt to show you how it’s done. Then keep laughing at you until you get it right.

And when you have got your energy back, you might feel like a bit of culture. For anyone who wants a bit of history, there are old colonial towns and squares – all of it best explored hand-in-hand.

The forests and jungles of Central America are home to some of the most diverse wildlife in the world. From ghostly jaguars to creeping spiders and strange little furry mammals that sniff at your feet, you will be surrounded by species that live undisturbed in their natural environment and don’t bat an eyelid at your clumsy human attempts to trek through their homes.

South America is great value too. Modern eco-lodges committed to sustaining and complementing the environment are very economical and you know that the cost of your stay will be going into the local economy to help the people around you.

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