Family Beach Holidays to Dahab, Egypt

Fringed with scenic jagged mountains, Dahab is a small Bedouin beach town situated on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula. It’s known for being a prime beach resort for all, from budget travellers, dedicated divers, wind surfers and families who want to learn how to dive or snorkel for the first time. The sea is crystal blue with spectacular coral reefs and tropical reef dwellers, in stark contrast to the arid backdrop of the Sinai Mountains and baron deserts. Depending on the time of the day, the colours of the mountains can change from yellow to amber and red and many camp at night to observe the beautiful star-filled night sky.

Enjoy a laid back and relaxing holiday in a town named after gold (in Arabic), for its renowned ‘gold dust’ shimmering sand. Visit the bazaars, multiple restaurants and cafes and watch the world go by while drinking mint tea and lounging on Bedouin-style cushions and rugs on the beach.

Dahab is one of the best Windsurfing & Kitesurfing destinations in the world. Harry Nass windsurfing, based at the Novotel Coralia is one of the best centres in the area. It stocks more than 140 of the latest model boards, starting with beginner boards right up to wave boards for experts.They even stock a special lighter range for ladies.

Nearby is a Club Mistral windsurfing center based at the Hilton Resort stocking more than 70 boards and 100 rigs. The lagoon is completely protected with flat water with the wind blowing side-offshore. Take a jeep excursion to the world famous ‘Blue-Hole’ and Canyon with a chance to see turtles and larger pelagic fishes. And once you’ve had enough of the sea, you can start exploring dry land on a camel safari for a day or two.

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