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Diving in The Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Stingray

The Cayman Islands in the western Caribbean are well known for their beautiful vertical walls, friendly fish life and exciting shipwrecks.

Resident marine life includes turtles, grouper, eels, octopus, reef sharks and eagle rays. The Caymans offer warm, clear waters with visibility often exceeding 45 metres. The night diving is terrific.

The average water temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, rising to 28 – 29 degrees in July to September and dropping to 24 degrees in December to January.

Diving is superb year-round. Like many islands in the Caribbean there is always a leeward or sheltered side where winds are less and waters are calmer. May to November is an excellent time for diving as conditions usually allow nearly unlimited access to Little Cayman and the north side of Grand Cayman. December to April still offers great diving but conditions may not allow diving in Little Cayman or along Grand Cayman’s North Wall. In this case the Cayman Aggressor will move to the south side of Grand Cayman, which features some of the most exotic virgin diving in the area.

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