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Diving in El Quseir, Egypt

El Quesir TownEl Quseir is a remote coastal, un-commercialised resort, approximately 2 hours south of Hurghada. Treasured for its peaceful location it has become popular among holiday makers keen to experience the historical charm of the area yet relish in its slow pace. Inhabited since ancient times El Quseir was an important commercial port in Roman times and later again as part of the spice route from India to Britain.

It was also important point in the pilgrimage from Egypt to Mecca. The ancient port still remains north of the town. An Ottoman fort has also recently been restored.   El Quseir Diving With access to many excellent dive sites, diving from El Quseir is very rewarding for both the novice and experienced diver. There is great variety from sheer drop offs, pinnacles, to expansive hard and soft coral gardens offering the opportunity to see a multitude of colourful sea life including crocodile fish, lionfish, blue spotted stingrays and occasionally sharks. For the more experienced it may also be possible to visit the famous Elphinstone Reef.   Click here to visit the page for Roots Dive Camp, El Quseir ElQuesir

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