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Diving in Hawaii

Kona Turkey Fish, Hawaii diving

Kona Turkey Fish, Hawaii diving

The volcanic underwater topography of the Big Island is a diver’s wonderland. Lava tubes, bommies, arches and huge craters create a spectacular backdrop for diving in Hawaii.

Kona is famous for large marine life including spinner dolphins, turtles, mantas, sharks and several whale species but also offers great macro subjects, such as frog fish, harlequin shrimp, shark nose blennies, turkey fish and many other wonderful creatures.

Tropical fish species in the Pacific are different from those most divers are accustomed to seeing in the Caribbean and many species are endemic to Hawaii, making it a special place for fish-watchers.

Diving is superb year-round with several species of whales present during the winter months. While Hawaii does not have a rainy season as such average rainfall is slightly higher between February and April.

Water temperatures averages between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius. Visibility ranges from 20 to 35 metres.

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