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Diving in Turkey



If you wish to go diving in Turkey – we recommend Kaş, which we feel offers the best diving in the Mediterranean. The Bougainville Diving School offers diving courses for novices to the experienced and it is our chosen diving operator partner in Kaş

Whether you’re an experienced diver or a complete newcomer, Kaş is a fantastic place to explore underwater. The unique geography of Kas – with no tides and low current – means all instruction elements take place in the sea and not in swimming pools. Bougainville Diving offers more than 30 dive locations within easy reach of its dive centre. Each day, visitors can make up to three dives with them – two in the morning and one in the afternoon sortie.

Kaş also has great artisan shops, a vibrant pavement café and is the base for many activities and trips out – ideal if you are travelling with a non-diver friend or relative. That is why we recommend Bougainville for those cosidering diving in Turkey.

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