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Diving Holidays in Kenya

Zanzibar Scuba Diver Diving

Boasting some of the clearest waters in East Africa, the coastal regions close to the Kenya Tanzania border and out to Pemba island offer fantastic diving.

Diving around Pemba is generally drift diving and there are two tenders used for diver drop off and pick up. Three to four dives per day are planned along Pemba’s West Wall, Mesali Island or, conditions permitting, the dramatic East coast. Night dives are offered wherever possible.

Warm tropical seas enriched with nutrients bought by current flowing from the Pacific Ocean support an astonishing variety of marine life; Pemba is at the western edge of the vast Indo-Pacific oceanic region and has many species of reef fish and coral.

At present, the number of divers is small enough to ensure uncrowded dive sites. Around Fundu Gap, a narrow channel linking a tidal lagoon to the sea, see a large variety of fish life including surgeonfish, blue fin and big eye trevally.

At Ras Miungani there is a well preserved steam freighter wreck – the SS Paraportiani – laying at 15 metres.The wall diving at Mtangani and Mchengazi offers strong oceanic current ideal for pelagic life; here sightings of hammerhead and reef sharks, trevally, tuna and barracuda are common.

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