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Diving in the Red Sea – Dahab

Dahab lies alongside the deepest section of the African rift, the giant crack in the earth’s crust that forms the Red Sea. The coastline is fringed with jagged mountains, which is mirrored at the same angle underwater forming a dramatic seascape of valleys, canyons and caves. The contrast of life is amazing, where dry, baron desert meets the crystal blue waters filled with spectacular coral reefs of all colours buzzing with tropical reef dwellers.


The majority of dive sites around Dahab are accessable by shore. With a few exceptions, transport is by jeep or pick-up to sites in Dahab bay, or to the north and south, taking from just 5 minutes to no more than 30.

The most famous site in Dahab is the Blue Hole. The Blue Hole is essentially a large hole in the reef table just a few meters from the beach. It is about 120m wide with the bottom sloping from 80m in the middle to more than 100m on the outer edge. The Blue Hole itself is for experienced technical divers only, lured to the depths and the archway at around 54m. Recreational divers can still experience this interesting coral formation, best dived as a drift dive from “The Bells”, an entrance to the north of the hole.

You will descend through a cave into the blue and drift along a sheer face, which drops over 300m. As you gradually ascend towards the end of your dive, you will cross over the saddle at 7 m and enter the Blue Hole itself and exit to the shore. Not only is it a spectacular formation, the walls surrounding the hole is pulsing with life and you have a good chance to see turtles and larger pelagics.

The Canyon is equally famous. It is a deep ravine in the ocean floor with a large entrance linked with a circular cavern called the “Fish Bowl” that is filled with glass fish. There are many different sites to visit such as The Islands, Eel garden and the Lighthouse to name a few.

There are now three dive boats in Dahab making it possible to reach and discover new sites to the North and South where roads cannot reach. There have been discoveries of gorgonian forests as well as amazing coral mazes.

Dive centers also offer camel safaris for either one or two days. This involves transport by jeep to the end of the road (The Blue Hole in the North and The Caves in the South). You are then transferred with your equipment onto camels for an hours ride along the desert coastline ending up at the beautiful untouched reefs of Gabr El Bint or Ras Abu Galum where you make two dives.

Two-day safaris involve camping overnight under the stars. Dahab is a great destination for all levels of experience. With dive sites that are perfect for learning to dive as well as more challenging dives for experienced divers, technical divers and even free divers.

Dive centres in Dahab

Sinai Divers (based at Dahab Hilton)


Most of the dive sites along the coast can be reached by Jeep. Some of them are only accessible by camel. The drive through the picturesque Sinai Mountains is an experience for itself.

Worldwide-known dive sites like the Canyon, an impressive gorge on the bottom of the sea and the Blue Hole, a circular 50m wide hole with a depth of a few hundred meters, are Dahab’s main attractions. The Sinai Divers Center includes the reception with office and equipment counter, a cozy sitting area and two air-conditioned classrooms.

Located in the back area are the filling station, workshop, showers/WC, rinsing pools and lockers for the guest equipment.

The diving day with 2- 3 dives starts at 9:00am and ends at a around 5:00pm.

Depending on the dive site lunch is taken either at the Hotel or in one of the coffee shops the beach. The “Ghazala VI”, a comfortable dive boat is used to explore new dive sites.

Night dives, exciting drift dives or day excursions by jeep and camel extend the program. Two-day camel safaris, trips to Ras Mohammed, the Straits of Tiran and the wreck of the Thistlegorm can be organised on request.

Free: Nitrox 32 for all divers with a valid Nitrox license. clip_image002temp_001_016 Technical

Diving allows the experienced diver to discover new dimensions in diving. The extension and addition of different equipment and special breathing gas mixtures provides the possibility to extended bottom time and reach greater depths. The link between recreational diving and the advanced technical applications (TECH diving) is Nitrox or EAN diving. The diving center is located directly at the beach. The center is situated on the beautiful sandy laguna of Dahab. Ideal for Introductory dives and the education of beginners.

REEF 2000 based at Bedouin Moon reef 200Reef 2000 offers the kind of relaxed diving that is all too rare in the popular waters of the Red Sea . Our experienced divemasters and instructors are rigorous in their quest for the perfect dive.

Safety is paramount, the principles of conservation are strictly adhered to, but the main emphasis is on giving you the best underwater experience of your life. Even above the water, our staff are pretty good at making you feel welcome.

We run jeep diving safaris, camel safaris, boat-diving excursions (every Wednesday to Gabr El Bint), recreational and technical diving courses, yoga diving courses, visits to the beautiful St Catherine’s Monastery, mountain dinner, desert safaris to the Coloured Canyon and Wadi Gani, yoga classes and massage.

Reef 2000 Dive Club is a PADI 5* Gold Palm Resort and an IANTD Technical facility.

The director is David Elgin,the power behind the throne and the man at the helm is Ahmed Hassan, whose main job is , together with Tom Schwericke and Floh Herzberg, to make sure that everyone is happy, well dived and well fed. Ahmed knows the best bars and the best restaurants in town and is the man who can fix anything, well almost! So seek him out and enjoy.

Whether you are setting out to achieve dive-master status, taking a course or just messing about in the water, Reef 2000 will allow you to do so in a safe, relaxed environment.


Poseidon Divers based at Le Meridien

Poseidon Divers, a long established group of dive centres that were the first PADI Career Development Centres and PADI National Geographic Centres in Dahab.

We aim to provide excellent service to you and to make sure your trip is as relaxing, fun packed, and as great value for money as you would wish. We have pretty much every diving experience and course you can imagine on offer, plus guided diving and safaris by boat, camel or car !

Whatever you are looking for, whatever your experience level, we will be able to help.

Poseidon Divers Dahab have won awards from PADI for excellence and we were also voted one of the top dive centres in the World by DiversClick, an award body that takes votes from divers – we are obviously very proud of this, especially as it was voted for by all you divers out there. We are truly an award winning centre that guarantees fun and professionalism in the same Diversclick Award 2005package.

We have Diver Training courses from 1 day introductions to over 6 months in duration for Career Development levels. Our Course Director is also one of less than 90 Course Directors in the World to have been awarded Platinum Status by PADI for 3 years running – give yourself the best chance possible and learn your trade with us before going out and working in this exciting industry. This really is the best place to take your IDC.

Lagona Divers based at Tropiter Dahab Oasis

Dive trips (by jeep or pick-up) are organised as half day trips including 1 dive or as full day trips with 2 dives at one or two different dive spots.

All spots north of Dahab including Blue Hole are offered as half day trips. The dive spots in Dahab directly (from ‘Eelgarden’ to ‘The Islands’) can be offered as half day or full day trips depending in the customers’ wishes. All dive spots which are situated more south than the “5 star hotel zone” of Dahab (Hilton, Swiss Inn) are operated as full day trips only.House Reef Dives can be done without guide directly in front of the Dive Centre at the southern extension of the famous dive spot ‘Canyon Garden’.

A massive dive jetty guarantees safe and direct entry and exit to and from the dive spot. House Reef Diving is possible as a buddy team regarding the necessary qualification and experience or with a guide on extra costs.

Nesima Dive Centre

Nesima is a PADI dive center offering a high level of service. Situated within the Nesima Resort on the sea front in Dahab itself. The dive center offers a wide range of courses from Open Water to a professional level, as well as guided dives and safaris. The house reef is great for both divers and snorkellers. NesimaDiveCenter

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