Old and new Arabia in Oman

If you are craving a few days of sun even in the depths of winter, Oman provides buckets of it, so it’s perfect for families wanting sunshine in the winter.

And the little sultanate on the southern seaboard of Arabia doesn’t just have famously white sandy beaches and rich blue waters to drawn you, its has fascinating historical towns to wander through for a glimpse of an ancient culture.

For history buffs or families with children, Oman’s landscape is peppered with forts to assault. There are more than 500 castles and towers, most of them hundreds of years old spread through the landscape. Some of the best defend Muscat the, capital city. The walled city is where you will find old royal palaces. The Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace is the current one, prettily located beside the town’s deep harbour. From there, you can wander through the Mutrah Souk, to haggle over prices for textiles and other souvenirs.

Oman is the only place in the Arabian Peninsula where modern development peacefully co-exists with ancient architecture, culture and traditions. The Omanis deliver the famed Arabian hospitality, nearly always in traditional dress, whilst keeping in touch on the latest mobile phones; and the real appeal of Oman lies in these contrasts and the chance to experience the traditional Arabian culture.

For unique driving experiences, try nipping through the dry riverbeds that wind through the mountains.

But it’s to the beach that you will keep coming back. The country’s coastline is a major breeding site for turtles, especially the leatherback – there are more of them visiting Oman’s beaches than anywhere else in the world. And dolphins slip in and out of the waves

After all that, you can relax, by spending the evening just drifting in a traditional dhow fishing boat.

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