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Seychelles – Inner and Outer Cruises

Diving Inner and Outer Islands

seychelles beach and palm treesThe main islands or Inner Islands of the Seychelles are located on an underwater granite plateau rising from the depths of the Indian Ocean . The underwater landscape around the Inner Islands is a unique combination of granite and coral reefs. Predominantly, there are hard corals and gorgonians whereas to the north of Mahe many colourful soft corals can be found. The huge granite blocks do not only dominate the land above water but also beneath the ocean where they are no less impressive. The multitude of crevices, niches and overhangs are just waiting to be discovered and offer protection for a number of sea creatures.

The Outer Islands are largely flat coral atolls. Coral reefs, which have been damaged throughout the world due to coral bleaching, have recovered very well on the whole and nowadays absolutely beautiful soft corals can still be found, particularly in deeper waters. As the reef edges on the Outer Islands often meet the deep sea, divers will occasionally encounter big fish and the reef population simultaneously. The most frequent sightings include turtles, Goliath groupers, mackerel and tuna fish and, depending on the season, whale sharks and manta rays. The chances of seeing whale sharks and manta rays in the waters off the Seychelles are particularly high in the season between October and December.

seychelles beach and palm treesThe remote Aldabra Atoll is often referred to as the Galápagos of the Indian Ocean . Aldabra is located about 1,150km south-west of the capital Mahe and has been declared a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site. Aldabra is unique and famous for its 100,000 giant tortoises and its strikingly bizarre “champignon” coral formations in the lagoon, favourite nesting sites for various species of sea bird. The diving spots around Aldabra abound with fish and, in addition to various species of shark, you may be fortunate enough to see whales or sea cows (dugong). This marvellous atoll can only be experienced while on a diving cruise.

Fishing Trips

On our Catamaran you can also experience world-class saltwater fly-fishing on remote stretches of tropical flats, the shallow areas protected by the coral reefs. Several fish species can be found, Bonefish, Milkfish, Pompano, Trivially, Snappers, Queen Fish and Barracuda – unique in size, 20-40 catches a day are the average!

Bahia 46 Catamaran

Services included in the package:

• Catamaran cruise • 2 guided dives per day (except day of embarkment/ disembarkment) including tanks, weights and weight belt • Crew service • Accommodation in twin cabin with private bathroom, bed linen, hand towels • Full board with drinking water/tea/coffee • Use of sea kayaks • Use of the on-board library (Books, DVDs, music) • Transfers airport to boat – berth and return • Domestic flight (if cruise starts from Outer Islands) • Landing fees • GST (Goods and Service Taxes) seychelles-cruise               bedroom-seychelle-cruise

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