Windsurfing & Kitesurfing holidays in Eilat

Where the Wind Doth Blow?

It blows in Eilat for wind and kite surfing on Coral Beach

Eilat is a major destination for surfing lovers from Israel and all over the world. The perfect winter beach destination, sandwiched between the Mountains of Moab and the Sinai Mountains, at the very top of the Gulf of Aqaba, it is sheltered and enjoys predictable ‘Desert Winds’.

Home to many International Wind and Kite Surfing champions, Eilat is the perfect destination for those looking for a warm  winter water-sport holiday which can be reached by a reasonably short flight.

Situated in the southernmost  point in Israel and on the most northern part on the Gulf of Aquba, it is a town in the desert with well over 300 days of sun and an average temperature of 30 degree C.

Eilat lies on the Great Rift Valley, which is a geological depression that divides Asia and Africa, and stretches from Syria to Mozambique. This unique geological phenomenon causes the Venturi effect which makes the winds blow down the valley and increase in strength as it goes. For this reason there is 25+ knots most of the time, with 95% of the year experiencing a northerly wind. As Eilat is the northern most point of the gulf and the wind is northerly there is no buildup of waves.

The Surf Centre offers both lessons and equipment for hire. Fanatic Boards and Simmer Sails are used for Wind Surfing while Slingshot Kites & Boards are available for Kite Surfing.

We recommend booking in advance!

Windsurfing Lessons & Courses Kitesurfing Lessons & Courses
Lesson – 1 hour £31.00 Lesson – 2 hours £100.00

Course – 5 hours £123.00

3 Lessons – £271.00

Rental – 1 hour £22.00

Rental – 3 hours £67.00

Rental – 3 hours £56.00

Rental – 5 hours £102.00

Rental – 5 hours £89.00

Rental – 10 hours £179.00

Rental – 10 hours £155.00


Pick-up boat           £30.00

Kite surfer in air Eilat

Eilat kite surfing spinning in the air
Surf Centre Eilat











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