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  • Marsa Alam Diving | Scuba Diving


    The arrival of a new international airport 60kms to the north of Marsa Alam has truly opened up this exciting area of southern Egypt. Well renowned for its spectacular diving, until recently these waters could only really be explored by liveaboard or from the pioneering safari dive camps. However new hotels have now sprung up at various points along the coast line, many with their own dive centres, allowing divers to also explore these fantastic reefs from the comfort of a luxury hotel if they so choose. The number and quality of the liveaboards in the area is also increasing, many with exciting itineraries that take in the major attractions such as Elphinstone, Daedalus and St Johns.

  • Diving in the Red Sea, Egypt | Scuba Diving

    Red sea diving

    The Red Sea is one of the top diving destinations in the world, where the desert meets the ocean, its truly one of the planet’s most exotic and fascinating natural seascape environments. The underwater scenery is rich with colourful, coral-covered reefs, famous dive sites such as Ras Mohammed, Elphinstone and the Brothers, as well as historic wrecks, including the Thistlegorm. Here, you’ll have the very real opportunity to see exotic marine life in their own environment including turtles, dolphins and sharks, soft and hard corals and reef fish of every size, shape and colour. Not to mention it’s year round sunshine!

    Diving in the Red Sea – Dahab | Scuba Diving

    Dahab lies alongside the deepest section of the African rift, the giant crack in the earth’s crust that forms the Red Sea.
    The coastline is fringed with jagged mountains, which is mirrored at the same angle underwater forming a dramatic seascape of valleys, canyons and caves. The contrast of life is amazing, where dry, baron desert meets the crystal blue waters filled with spectacular coral reefs of all colours buzzing with tropical reef dwellers.

    Diving in Sharm El Sheikh | Scuba Diving

    red sea water world turtle

    Welcome to the Red Sea Diving College your multi-award wining dive centre. The College has an illustrious diving history dating back to the origins scuba diving off the Sinai Peninsular. Whether you are an adventurous sprit who wants to learn to dive or you are an experienced diver who wants the thrills that can be found in the teeming coral reefs and wrecks in the Sharm area, the College is a scuba divers haven.

    Roots: a Secluded Diving Spot in the Red Sea | Scuba Diving

    roots diving camp egypt

    The best diving sites are the ones that are remote, quiet and untouched by commercialism. Where exotic fishes, marine life and glorious coral reefs can flourish. This can be found in Roots Luxury Resort with its spectacular beach, clear blue skies and enclosed diving sites located minutes away from Marsa Alam Airport.
    A stone throw away from the Red Sea, Roots is renowned for being its ‘Jewel’. Many visit Roots Luxury Resort time and time again for the stunning views, temperatures of 21°C to 40°C, warm waters and secluded nature

    Diving in El Quseir, Egypt | Scuba Diving

    El Quseir is a remote coastal, un-commercialised resort, approximately 2 hours south of Hurghada. Treasured for its peaceful location it has become popular among holiday makers keen to experience the historical charm of the area yet relish in its slow pace. Inhabited since ancient times El Quseir was an important commercial port in Roman times and later again as part of the spice route from India to Britain. It was also important point in the pilgrimage from Egypt to Mecca. The ancient port still remains north of the town. An Ottoman fort has also recently been restored.

    Red Sea Diving – Safaga & Soma Bay | Scuba Diving

    Safaga & Soma Bay are excellent bases from which to explore famous sites such as Panorama Reef, Middle Reef and Shaab Sheer. There are sheltered reefs and coral gardens, hosting a wide range of marine life and drop offs which attract some of the more predatory fish such as barracuda, tuna and jacks. There are also pristine dive sites on the reefs between Ras Abu Soma and Gamul Kebir. For suitably experience divers there may also be an opportunity to dive the famous Brothers and the wreck of the Salem Express.

    Diving in Nuweiba, Egypt | Scuba Diving

    Diving in Nuweiba

    Nuweiba is a perfect destination for holiday makers wanting a quiet resort away from the main tourist areas. This resort offers fabulous golden sandy secluded beaches and coves, stunning mountain scenery and a relaxed way of life.
    Nuweiba is an ideal place to learn to dive with pretty coral reefs and gardens teeming with life. The area is a haven for photographers as they can focus on the smaller species such as multicoloured nudibranches. You may be lucky to encounter one of the several types of seahorse. 95% of the diving is shore diving accessible by land cruisers or jeeps. Special daily trips to the national park of Ras Mamlach or to the famous sites in Dahab can be arranged on request.

    Diving in Hurghada & El Gouna, Egypt | Scuba Diving

    Coral at Hurghada

    The diverse multitude of reefs, walls and wrecks, together with an abundance of marine life mean that Hurghada has become a true diver’s haven. The reef of Abu Nuhas has claimed more ships than any other in the Red Sea as it is so close to the busy shipping lane of the Golf of Suez. This is fantastic for keen wreck divers who want to step back in history and explore these fascinating structures now claimed by nature herself. As Hurghada covers a large area we use different dive centres depending on where you are staying.

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