Fly Drive

Road trip! Yeah!

On a Fly Drive holiday, he or she who has the wheel controls the music

It’s the American dream: an open-topped car and an open road ahead of you. So pump in the fuel, pump up the stereo and put your shades on because it’s a long way to the next town. Wherever you are in the world, four wheels will show you landscapes and hidden sights most travellers never even know are there.

You could be winding through cities, deserts and mountain passes; sleeping in motels, hotels or your campervan – it’s whatever suits you because this is the ultimate freedom in travel. Once you’ve picked your car up from the airport, you can go wherever you like whenever you like. And no one will tell you to turn the music down. So if you watched Thelma and Louise and missed the ending, just pick out your driving sounds and decide who your navigator is going to be.


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