Honeymoon / Wedding

Get hitched in style

Because ‘over there’ is more romantic than ‘over here’

Every couple wants the sun to shine on their wedding day. But even in the middle of summer, the British weather sometimes decides it’s more of a ‘wet drizzle’ sort of afternoon. You can ensure you’re both dazzling in the wedding snaps by getting hitched overseas, though. Or maybe you want to tie the knot somewhere glamorous and beautiful to make your friends jealous. That’s a legitimate reason too.

And then there’s the honeymoon. It’s a time to relax together for a while, after the endless planning and day-long excitement of the marriage. So you probably want something low-key and gentle for a few days, but when you’ve got your energy back there will be lots of sights to see, people to meet and new sports and experiences to try. We guarantee it’ll be a memorable way to kick off the rest of your life together.


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