Nature / Adventure

Explorers and action heroes

For your inner Indiana Jones…

If you have kids, or you are kids, or you just want to feel like kids again, then these will be the trips for you. Nothing on this planet is so full of wonder and infinite variety as the natural world. There is danger, and survival, beauty and ugliness, friendship and rivalry. And you can have a ringside seat for it all when you take a holiday surrounded by nature.

And you can choose your climate too. So if you feel like you need some sun, we can send you on a safari to see lions and giraffes, but if you want something a bit more chilled, it’s penguins in the Antarctic (go on, try looking at a penguin without smiling – see, you can’t can you?) So budding naturalists, ornithologists or botanists are all welcome to explore the world around us all. Who knows: you might discover a new species.


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