Enjoying Bedouin life on the beach of Dahab

Sit back, relax and enjoy Bedouin life on the beaches of Dahab.

  • Be sure to make the most of the customer service of the four star beach resort.
  • There are swimming pools right by the beach if you would prefer to enjoy the cooling waters from the resort first.
  • The beach resort should have air conditioning but there is always the balcony for you to feel and smell the salty sea breezes.
  • The resort is located on the right side of the coral reef, which provides snorkeling equipment. These are available for hire. Diving and learn-to-dive courses are also available to arrange at your pace and leisure.
  • The bohemian village of Dahab is a wonder to explore. It is, only, a short 5 kilometres away and the resort provides regular shuttle buses, free of charge to guests into the night. This is a great way for you to hit the town, be at the heart of Bedouin culture, easy for a spot of shopping or ocean side dinner.

To find out more about Egypt and the Red Sea, which Dahab is connected to, please click here. 


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