A Taste of Italy’s Renaissance city of Tuscany in Five Days

Torre del Lago is the Puccini Festival

There is much to do and see in Italy, which includes visiting Torre del Lago, the place where the Puccini Festival takes places each year. Yet if you have more than five days available on your trip why not spend it exploring the artistic centre of Tuscany?

As well as the superb musical experience of the Puccini Festival, which celebrates the operatic masterpieces of world-renowned opera composer Giacomo Puccini, there are the classic attractions of Tuscany that keep calling back fond travellers.

Why not head down, for a one day excursion, to the Villa Torrigianni with its remarkable interior and extraordinary gardens or the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa or the magnetic Renaissance city of Florence?

If you get to Pisa, make sure to visit Piazza dei Miracolin which is said to be one of the finest architectural complexes in the world.

There are also local wine-producing farms in Torre del Lago, which you can visit for a day and try some wine-tasting of the best Tuscan vines.

Lucca, the medieval hometown and birthplace of Puccini, is only a coach away from Torre del Lago and is worth a visit if only for the scenic views. There are a variety of guided tours for Lucca, Villa Torrigianni and Florence with time to spare for you to explore the cities independently.

Italy has more to offer than the Tuscan countryside. Click here to find out more about the passionate country , click here.


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