Private Nubian Safari, Lake Nasser







Charter your own boat safari unit; a mother ship, fishing boats and or house boats with a safari crew who will take good care of you. You will have the exclusive use of this unit and can make your own decisions about when to move camp and set the pace for your safari. You can start this safari on any day of the year and come for as many days as you like.

A private Safari offers a degree of independence which many people prefer and is perfect for a small group of friends who would like to set out and explore the lake, at their own pace, on an out-door adventure which has few equals anywhere.

First Day:                 An African Angler tour coordinator will meet you from the airport, a hotel or a Nile cruise ship and transfer you to the safari start point on the lake.

On Safari:                The number of days you have booked for your Nubian Safari will be spent exploring Lake Nasser. All meals and hot beverages are included on Safari.

Safari Ends:            The safari ends at approximately 4.00pm and you will be transferred from the lake to any location in Aswan for your onward travel arrangements.

The Private Safari cost is on a per person per day basis. The more people travelling together the less expensive it becomes to share the cost of a private mother ship.

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