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Red Sea Marine Park Islands

We promote a wide range of Liveaboards offering an array of different itineraries from the wrecks of the northern Red Sea down to the southernmost point of Egypt. Even further south, Sudan has long been considered the ultimate in adventure and exploration. Red Sea Liveaboards have pioneered the way in luxury accommodation. What better way to experience this intriguing region than in the comfort on your own floating hotel. Many of the boats run specialist photography, exploration or wreck trips, please ask for more details.


Departing from either Sharm or Hurghada a selection of Liveaboards visit this spectacular diving region, where plankton rich currents sweep past the Sinai peninsula, feeding the profusion of corals and gorgonia on the dramatic walls of Ras Mohammed and the Straits of Tiran. The current not only feeds the coral but attracts pelagics such as tuna, jacks, barracuda and sharks. A dive on Shark Yolanda reef on Ras Mohammed is a must.

This area is also world famous for its wrecks. A highlight of a weeks diving is the World War II Thistlegorm. You truly feel like you are stepping back in time as you swim through the hull of this huge wreck, full of motorbikes, Bedford Trucks and artillery. A good all round itinerary includes the impressive ship’s graveyard at the treacherous reef of Abu Nuhas, which has claimed ships such as the Carnatic and Ghiannis D. Wreck enthusiasts may get the opportunity to visit the mysterious wreck of the Rosalie Muller and the Dunraven.

Other sites you may visit are the reefs of Giftun Island National Park which is home to dolphins as well as nesting turtles, the Straits of Gubal and Gulf of Suez.

The Northern dive sites are suitable for both Novice and experienced divers. Perfect for those wanting a combination of reefs and wrecks


Departing from Hurghada or Marsa Alam.

Depending on the itinerary the south covers the whole Egyptian coastline from Safaga right down to St Johns reef & beyond.

Off the coast of Safaga beautiful sites such as Panorama reef and Shaab Sheer await you. The tragic wreck of the Salem Express has a dramatic yet eerie appearance as it only sunk in September 1991.

Elphinstone can be a most challenging dive, depending on the currents. However this truly is a spectacular site and a true photographers haven with breathtaking walls, arches, and caves adorned with rich corals pulsing with anthi as as well as hammerheads and a resident oceanic white tip. Just south of here lies the pretty coral gardens of Wadi Gimal Island and the playful spinner dolphins at the horse shoe shaped Dolphin House. Fury Shoal is a series of 27 off shore reefs. Each dive will take you through a maze of passageways, caves, coral gardens and lagoons. This magnificent area offers some of the best hard coral formations in the whole of the Red Sea. A Deep South itinerary will take you beyond the peninsula of Ras Banas down towards the complex reefs of St Johns. We also run exploratory trips in this Deep South region for intrepid adventurers.

The Southern Red Sea Itineraries take in some challenging sites and are recommended for advanced divers with at least 30-40 logged dives.

The Northern dive sites are suitable for both Novice and experienced divers. Perfect for those wanting a combination of reefs and wrecks.


The sheer coral walls of the remote offshore Marine Park Islands offer divers the chance to see greater numbers of majestic Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, shoals of silvery Jacks and armies of predatory barracuda. As they are the only reef structures for miles around you will experience some of the most pristine sites in the Egyptian Red Sea. Visited by the more experienced diver, these awe inspiring islands; swept regularly by strong currents, offer the best chance to encounter many types of sharks and graceful mantas.

The 2 tiny islands known as The Brothers lie approximately 67 kilometers east of El Quesir seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

The wrecks of the Umida and the Aida cling to the sides of Big Brother Island whilst sharks hunt in the abyss below.

Big Brother is 400 meters long and easily dwarfs Little Brother, situated 1/2 a mile away. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the shark action here and forget to enjoy the island’s amazing walls, which are covered in gigantic soft corals.

Heading south you will reach the spectacular Daedalus Reef. Its steep walls teeming with life plunge down into unknown depths and groups of cruising hammerheads are often spotted. Here, a large field of beautiful anemones & clownfish easily ranks with Anemone City at Ras Mohammed. Zabargad & Rocky Island are visited less frequently and still hold mystical standing among Red Sea Divers.

At Zabargad, the ancient Pharoahs, Romans and recently, the Egyptians all mined ‘olivine’ (a green mineral) here on this island.

We offer 1 week trips to the Brothers, DaedalusElphinstone or Daedalus, Rocky & Zabargad as well as other combinations.

Marine Park itineraries require divers to have at least 50 logged dives, recommended for advanced divers.


This option is ideal for keen divers that want to experience a combination of land based diving as well as a Liveaboard. This option gives you the chance not only to experience a part of Egypt by land as well as diving some remote diving locations on a cruise. This is perfect for “safari beginners” who are not sure about staying a whole week on board.

This is possible for both the Northern Red Sea from Sharm-El-Sheikh. This itinerary typically involves 4 nights aboard a liveaboard diving 3 dives a day and a night dive where suitable as well as 3 nights at a hotel on B+B with all land-based diving included.

The Northern option is suitable for all experience levels and the Southern option is suitable for divers with at least 30 logged dives.


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