A Three Day Drive to the Spectacular Vista of Phuket

Boat on Phuket Beach, Thailand

Rent a car and drive from Phromthep Cape to Surin. Start off at Phuket’s West Coast and drive to the East Coast to see mud flats and mangrove swamps. This will lead you to Phromthep Came, which provides a panoramic view of the south end of Phuket.

Head north, after a one-kilometre dip and rise in the road, and you’ll come across the gorgeous Nail Harn Beach, which has a smaller view point but various local Buddhist temples. It is worth taking a stroll down the peaceful 800-metre beach as well.

Through Nai Harn Village, follow the sign up the hill towards Kata Beach. At the top of the hill you’ll come across a recognisable vantage point where you can gaze north and take a view of all three beaches: Kata, Karon and Patong Beach.

Head down to Kata to see the shimmering beaches of its beachside palms. There are a variety of boutiques, lush hotels, bars and restaurants along the main strip of Patak Road. Many take the opportunity to surf and snorkel in Kata. You can rent a board, mask and pair of fins to sail to the southern region of the beach. Soft white sand can be found at a nearside beach of Karon. It’s also a great spot for night-time partying and souvenir shopping.

Party central can be found at Patong Beach, which isn’t too far, but you will have to drive through a series of hills to get there. Pass through the one way system along Beach Road, park there and walk down to the beach. Head down to Soi Bangla, which is a closed off pedestrian zone, for some fun shopping. Patong beach is within your reach and their full moon parties are legendary, yet if you want to stay away from the night crowds quieter Kamala Beach is close by.

Kamala Beach is its own village with many quaint bistros, beer bars and restaurants. You can even find some Muslim eateries. At the northern end there is a large show complex FantaSea. The main dining hall can seat up to 4000 diners.

Over the cape, you should reach Surin Beach. There’s a vast range of high end restaurants and luxurious resorts. There are food vendors, bamboo seafood eateries and many chairs available for you to recline and relax on. Like the beaches in Karon you can stop off at Surin and swim in the clear waters of the Andaman Sea.

If you do not want to drive or rent a car there is the Phuket Island Bus Tour. It will take you to interesting locations including Wat Chalong, the islands’s biggest Buddisht ‘wat’. Here you can take a walking tour of Phuket’s Old Town and capture the breath-taking views of the luscious island.

Phuket is an ideal beach experience for many. Click here for a taste of their beaches. 

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