The Unspoilt Red Sea beaches of Roots

Roots Luxury Camp Beach

Roots Luxury Diving Resort is surrounded by magnificent colourful mountains on one side and unspoilt Red Sea beaches. There are beautiful private beach area with free sun-loungers and sunshades.

  • It is ideal for divers and snorkelers who want peace and quiet. Pharaoh Dive Club has a base both at the resort and on the beach allowing divers to come and go as they please with easy access to a beautiful house reef. This includes over 50 different dive sites including zodiac diving as well.
  • Yet the small traditional town of El Quseir is at its doorstep if you are looking for culture.
  • There are relaxing number of massage treatments and facials, which can be arranged by professionals for an added fee.
  • There is a bar and terrace area by the restaurant of Roots Luxury Resort. There is also a beach restaurant serving lunch time snacks as well as a Bedouin tent serving coffee and sheesha. Bebo Bistro is situated on the beach and serves lunch.

More information about the traditional history and culture of Egypt.


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