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Hedda Lyons, Crusader Travel

Hedda, Co-founder

Hedda’s passion is taking travellers on wildlife, cultural and wilderness journeys to the world’s most beautiful and remote places.

She started tours to the Galapagos Island in 1971, expanding to Ecuador, the upper Amazon and the rest of South America soon after that. She’s taken small groups to Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion and the Seychelles. The Red Sea and Africa – Zambia, Botswana & Zimbabwe, the South Seas Islands, Papua New Guinea and Micronesia.

In 1987/88 Hedda helped organise the now legendary First Fleet Re-enactment Voyage, signalling the start of the Australian Bicentennial celebrations in Sydney.

Although Travel has become easier and even mundane, Hedda’s passion to help travellers to experience these places and be inspired is just as strong.

Bruce Lyons, Co-Founder of Crusader Travel

‘The more pleasure I get in offering a perfect holiday for the customer.’

Bruce, Co-founder

Bruce’s experience spans decades.

Top destinations:

– Israel, in the 60’s he travelled there, met Hedda and together they pioneered Red Sea holidays.

– Sicily for its laidback community untouched by tourism, delicious seafood and wine.

– Diving holidays. From novices to the very experienced.



Billur Crusader Travel

Long haul and obscure destinations, just give her a challenge!

Billur, agent

Billur has been a member of the Crusader Travel team for more than 18 years.

Top destinations:

– Mauritius, South Africa and Malaysia for their luxury hotels and beautiful islands.

– Turkey – for its mystery, and it’s her mother land.

– Shark diving in Barbados, she recalls feeling shocked by the number of sharks she saw swimming underwater.

Shona Lyons, Crusader TravelShona, agent

Shona has been a member of the Crusader Travel team for more than 9 years, but as part of the Lyons family she’s been involved in travel since infancy!

Top destinations:

– North Africa, particularly Morocco for its beautiful Muslim arts and crafts (Shona is a talented artist herself), and its never-ending  landscapes.

– Special breaks both in the UK and international



Ralph, Crusader TravelRalph

Ralph is our accountant, and has been working with us for the last two years.

He enjoys working with the ‘nice people’ of Crusader Travel.

Travel preferences:

– Ralph likes to explore and visit new places.

– He particularly enjoys travelling to Spain, Europe and taking short-flights away.

Gaynor Sharp, Crusader TravelGaynor

Gaynor is our office and accounts administrator.
She loves working at Crusader Travel because of the friendly co-workers and the work itself, which varies every day.

Travel preferences:

– Her favourite travel destination is Spain and its outer islands because of the diverse food, warm weather and culture.


By the way, we’re very active in the local community – we’re usually on top of what’s happening in the borough of Richmond and Twickenham.

For all of that, just ask Stevie The Cat!

Stevie the Cat Crusader Travel

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