Our Story

The Crusader Travel offices on Church Street, Twickenham

Delivering magical holidays since the 1960’s

Crusader Travel is an independent, specialist travel agency, founded in 1995 by husband and wife team Bruce and Hedda Lyons, who’ve been active in travel since the 60’s.

They are both qualified divers and their travel expertise is vast.

Hedda and Bruce have created an environment that encourages its people to cultivate their own travel interests and specialities, whether it is diving, cruises, family resorts, luxury spas or particular destinations around the world.

The result is a small and highly experienced team of people who can recommend options for you, from the diving spots and learn-to-dive centres, to relaxing hiking in Europe, adventures in Africa, family-friendly holidays, tours to Guatemala and Mexico and even dog sledding in Greenland.

Caring. Knowledgeable. Diligent.

Our aims

1. To help and assist our customers in booking their next extraordinary holiday adventure, whatever their dreams and needs may be.

2. To take the stress out of holiday planning.

Our customers come to us for inspiration and ideas, for our expertise and knowledge. They come back again and again because they have confidence in our ability to deliver to their standards.

We help relieve the stress behind booking holidays online, we save our customers time and we’re honest, attentive and efficient.

Our customers

We’re happy to serve people from all over the UK, and we also have a local, loyal client-base. Our customers can be families, couples or singles in search of a good holiday, as well as individuals and groups with special-interests such as diving, wildlife and adventure.

Our values

1. Quality customer service – ‘Satisfied customers mean happy us’

2. Passion for what we do – our knowledge allows us to give clients the best holiday for them

3. Desire to fulfill – ‘Round pegs in round holes’

4. Listening – empathy is our method of fulfiling customer needs and helping our colleagues

5. Respect – we respect our customers and ourselves

6. Integrity – we don’t try to sell unsuitable products, always strive to give the BEST advice

7. Fast reponse – it’s a fast moving world! our customers expect it

8. Fun – inventive, creative, positive and enjoyable environment for us and our clients

9. Team work – we achieve more when we work together

Why book a holiday with us?

Why book a special holiday with us?

We’re different because we listen to our customers to discover their taste and dreams.

Nobody else has Bruce, Hedda, Courtney and Billur. Between us we’ve had 120 years of travel. We’ve been to most places, and have many stories to tell, and so can our customers!

Our People

At Crusader Travel, we've been creating magical holidays since 1968


Build your custom escape with the help of our experts

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