Greek islands – advice for holidaymakers

by Crusader Travel - August 18, 2015

We have arranged holidays for many people to the Greek islands this summer and all have had a great time, without any problems from either the financial crisis or the number of refugees arriving. But we are aware that holidaymakers have been concerned about trips to these destinations as refugees and migrants arrive on Greek islands such …Read More

Cecil The Lion and how safaris have changed

by Crusader Travel - August 5, 2015

Who shoots lions? To most people in the 21st century, the idea of three men gunning down a big cat seems as mad as it is vile. But as Cecil the lion found out, there are people out there willing to spend $40,000 doing just that. American dentist Walter Palmer could have …Read More

Egypt holiday review 2015, by Ian Sinkinson

by Crusader Travel - June 29, 2015
Camel, piramid, egypt

I notice in the press today there are reports of a terrorist attack near the Karnak Temple at Luxor.

Having had a marvellous trip to Egypt in February this year with Viking Travel, booked through Crusader Travel Twickenham, I just want to encourage anyone considering going on holiday to Egypt not to be put off by the current political …Read More

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