Egypt holiday review 2015, by Ian Sinkinson

by Crusader Travel - June 29, 2015
Camel, piramid, egypt

I notice in the press today there are reports of a terrorist attack near the Karnak Temple at Luxor.

Having had a marvellous trip to Egypt in February this year with Viking Travel, booked through Crusader Travel Twickenham, I just want to encourage anyone considering going on holiday to Egypt not to be put off by the current political …Read More

Walking Like an Egyptian

by Crusader Travel - October 10, 2014
Dendera Temple, Luxor

As a newbie to both Egypt and fam trips this was an experience in which I learnt a lot – (and made a few minor mistakes which I will mention later on..)

I feel that my first visit to Luxor has helped me to grow my knowledge of the industry and further my understanding of how it works from new …Read More

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