Melis’s Sea Kayaking Experience at Bougainville

We hope you enjoyed Selen’s Diving Experience which featured on our blog two weeks ago. Travel writing runs in the Owen family and now it’s Melis’s turn to have her travel experience published! If you’d like to learn a bit more about kayaking in Kas, please visit our experience page about it.

Melis’s Sea kayaking experience

It was an early 7:30 AM start in the Bougainville office, and we were welcomed by our fellow kayaking tour guides for the day. It was about forty five minutes in the minibus to the Bougainville kayak site in the Uçağiz village. The hospitality and generosity of the Bougainville team was superb with a stop at the petrol station we were offered a traditional bread roll, ‘simit’ and juice box for the journey.

Upon our arrival, the tour guides prepared the equipment and we were given a safety briefing. Full of anticipation and excitement, everyone got into their kayaks and gave their best steering skills a shot. The pristine clear waters were truly mesmerising; each stroke in the kayak was energising and fulfilling. Our first stop was at a Kekova island where we had a swimming break. It was very reassuring to have a rescue boat beside us throughout our journey having our belongings on board and a friendly crew motivating us.

After our short stop we carried on, paddling over the ancient sunken Lycian city. We proceeded towards Tersane bay and then to Simena where we enjoyed a delicious lunch and spotted a few turtles too! After our lunch break we were fascinated by some more Lycian ruins, slowly returning back to the kayak base and having a transfer back to Kas. Overall, sea kayaking was a fantastic opportunity to explore the Kekova region and the sunken city.

We were enlightened by the tour guides knowledge and were able to learn about the background to the sunken city. I would definitely recommend spending a day for kayaking with Bougainville Travel as it will not fail to disappoint!

Melisa Owen

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