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Edinburgh Fringe Festival – finding accommodation at the Fringe

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival – the world’s biggest arts festival – is a mind-blowing explosion of comedy, theatre, music and all sorts of other stuff that pretty much defies definition. If you’re looking for Marxist jugglers – and who isn’t? – the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the place to find them.

For three weeks in August, the Fringe takes over this most majestic of British cities. Edinburgh Castle is lit up to host the world-famous Edinburgh Tattoo and the Fringe lights up the streets below.

You can’t move for young performers approaching you in the street to convince you to spend an hour locked in a near-airless loft while they perform a one-man version of Ben Hur or plead for your presence at their musical interpretation of MacBeth. But taking the rough with the smooth and see something crazy is all part of the Fringe Festival. Plays come to the Edinburgh to find new life, comedians come to die on their feet – or you could discover the new Jimmy Carr, Jack Whitehall, Daniel Kitson or Johnny Vegas. The Scottish actor John Hannah is star of this year’s Festival, returning to the stage after some time away.

If there’s one problem with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it’s finding accommodation – half a million people visit the festival, and hotels are usually booked up far in advance. But give us a call and we can find the right Edinburgh hotel room for you for the Edinburgh Fringe 2016.

And while you’re in Edinburgh there are so many other sights to check out: The Royal Mile is the ancient and impossibly picturesque street up to Edinburgh Castle. Mary King’s Close is a street walled up in the eighteenth century to keep an outbreak of the plague in check. It’s now haunted by the spirits of those who couldn’t escape. Or you could take a trip over to vibrant Glasgow for a couple of days to experience the city’s nightlife among the architecture of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. We have many hotels in Glasgow too, so we can ensure you’re in an attractive place at a great price.

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