Postcards to Crusader

At Crusader we like to think we go the extra mile for our customers, so they can relax and enjoy their holidays knowing everything is under control.

Many of our customers often ask us if we’d like a gift as a thank you for arranging their holidays. While we’re tempted to ask for perfume, wine and designer clothes, we wouldn’t be so cheeky ;). So we simply ask for a postcard from wherever they may be.

photo (19A)And over the years, this has meant we’ve received literally hundreds of postcards from destinations as diverse as North Wales and North Africa! Although she receives postcards almost weekly, Shona says she’ll never tire of receiving them and reading about how her clients are enjoying their break.

“I love getting them. I want our clients to have a great time and to enjoy the holiday they deserve after working hard, saving their money and trusting me enough to put it together for them. I want to give them something that they want to write home about, so I’m humbled that they would go to the effort of choosing a card and going to the post office.”

As well as receiving cards from holiday destinations, Shona has also been sent cards from customers’ homelands when clients have gone back to see parents and grandparents. “It’s another lovely way of finding out more about them and their family history” she says.

If you ever come into our agency and want to see the cards, just ask and Shona will be delighted to show you some. However you would need a day to look at them all! And there’s a few images of some of the cards in the accompanying gallery.

photo (1A9)photo (1A5)photo (1AA)