The Most Beautiful and Best Italian Villas to Stay in this May


green heart of italyUmbria the ‘Green Heart of Italy” is often called the poor mans Tuscany! Wonderfully acceptable from Rome & Pisa (midway 2 ½ hours!) It is a paradise for families looking for tranquility. Assisi, Perugia, many medieval historic villages and religious sites are here to be explored. Most of our houses are in the Niccone Valley renowned as the site for walking and close to Lake Trasimeno – famous for the site of Hannibals bloody defeat of the Romans!!! Emma & Martin a young English couple manage most of our properties, which offer an eclectic mix of houses to suit all. Private Italian villas with pools, apartments in farmsteads with pools and more…


Discounted Italian Villas in Umbria

Villa Forcini, Umbria & TuscanyVilla Forconi – Discount offer: 20% off (May arrivals) – Make an enquiry

This luxury villa really does offer incredible value for money, with the high standard of the furnishing, the fittings, the finishes and the spacious rooms. Each of the three bedrooms has an en-suite bathroom with designer sanitary-ware, as well as a balcony and room with comfortable chairs to relax in your own space. The kitchen/dining room is very large and well equipped, and there are two spacious lounges on the ground floor. A fourth bathroom is accessed from one of the lounges. Read more…

casa de lupoCasa de Lupo – Discount offer: 10% off (15% if only 2) – Make an enquiry

Casa del Lupo is our home in Italy, a large stone country house with wonderful views across the countryside of Tuscany and Umbria from every aspect. Its nearest neighbour is the old monastery of San Niccolo, now an occasionally used church. We are neighbours on the hillside to the estate of the Castle of Reschio. This holiday rental villa is a spacious three bedroom house on the Tuscany Umbria border that sleeps up to eight guests. There is a large garden and a 12 x 6 metre swimming pool heated with solar panels and kept warm with a heat heat retaining thermal cover, extending the swimming season from April to October in good weather. Read more…

CaCasa degli Ulivi, Niccone Valleysa Degli Ulivi – Discount offer: 5% off (20% if 4 people or less) – Make an enquiry

Found near the Tuscany-Umbria border, this villa/farmhouse features five-bedrooms (sleeping ten) and a large 12 x 6 metre swimming pool. This holiday villa is completely private, yet easily accessible; Casa deli Ulivi – House of the Olives – has the most magnificent position. There are stunning views all around the house of the beautiful Niccone Valley, which straddles the border of the Italian regions of Tuscany and Umbria, and up through the olive grove to the castle of Lisciano Niccone. Read More…

Villa Padrone, Tuscany & UmbriaVilla Padrone – Discount offer: 10% off (15% if only 2) – Make an enquiry

This luxury holiday villa, on the Tuscany-Umbria border, has almost everything one could wish for: astounding views across Lake Trasimeno and the stunning landscape of Tuscany and Umbria. The property also has three en-suite bedrooms with designer bathroom fittings; a fully equipped modern kitchen; large swimming pool and outdoor jacuzzi with poolside bathroom; heating/air conditioning system; top quality furnishings; a nearby trattoria and easy access to the main road. Read More…


There is also a 10% discount on all other Italian Villas in Umbria with May arrivals. (all subject to availability)



Scopello is in the western Coastal province of Trapani, Sicily. Just 35 kilometres from the old capital Palermo. The village is tucked into the coast below the famous National Park of Lo Zingaro. This is the old tuna fishing country, an industry which pretty well shut down in the early 20th century. There is wonderful flora & fauna to be found in the National Park and a tuna fishing museum. The whole area is a treasure trove of antiquities as was invaded and conquered by Arabs, Crusaders Byzyanteens & Greeks too mention just a few.

Palermo is rich in Arab influences from bygone days. We came to this area for it’s diving and indeed works well with Dive Centres in Ustica & Marettimo as well as in San Vito, Lo Capo & Scopello itself. This part of Sicily is not really commercialised for international tourism and you are given a warm welcome wherever you go!


Discounted Italian Villas in Sicily

carta fashionVilla Carta Fashion  – Discount offer: (35% off bookings between 25/04-26/06 & 29/08-25/09) – £900 or £1600 for dependance Make an enquiry

Villa Carta Fashion is a welcoming villa, located at Terrasini and approximately 500m from the beach that characterises the tourist village. Terrasini offers its visitors all kinds of services and restaurants, as well as shopping until the late evening since the stores remain open late in summer. Read More…

Villa Renata  – Discount offer: (20% off bookings between 25/04-26/06 & 29/08-25/09) – £800 Make an enquiry

Villa Renata is located over Guidaloca Bay, in the region of Castellammare del Golfo, only 180mfrom the beach with its pristine, turquoise water. The property is approximately 4km from the town of Castellammare del Golfo with all public services as well as lovely Sicilian handicrafts on sale. It is 2km away from Scopello, named ‘Cetaria’ in the past by the ancient people settled there, a town well known for its nice beach, spectacular cliffs emerging from the sea, and for tuna fishing! Read More…

Villa Rosada  – Discount offer: (20% off bookings between 25/04-26/06 & 29/08-25/09) – £750 Make an enquiry

Villa Rosada is located in the area of Scopello about 1 km from the sea, Baia di Guidaloca and about 2km from the charming village of Scopello and the Lo Zingaro National Park. This park is captivating and beautiful, surrounded by Mediterranean landscapes and transparent crystal clear waters. Read More…


villaritaVilla Rita  – Discount offer: (20% off bookings between 25/04-26/06 & 29/08-25/09) – £750 Make an enquiry

Villa Rosada is located in the area of Scopello about 1 km from the sea, Baia di Guidaloca and about 2km from the charming village of Scopello and the Lo Zingaro National Park. This park is captivating and beautiful, surrounded by Mediterranean landscapes and transparent crystal clear waters. Read More…



Villa Harmony  – Discount offer: (25% off bookings between 25/04-26/06 & 29/08-25/09) – £900 Make an enquiry

An elegant property located in the area of Scopello, Villa Harmony is built on two levels and is surrounded by a lovely garden. It is situated about 7.5km from the centre of Castellammare del Golfo where there are shops, restaurants and other amenities, and about 4km from Guidaloca Bay. Read More…

villa la vela

Villa La Vela  – Discount offer: (25% off bookings between 25/04-26/06 & 29/08-25/09) – £1200 or £1300 for dependance Make an enquiry

A lovely house near Scopello and “I Faraglioni”, with an enchanting view on the typical imposing rock that emerges from the depth of the crystalline sea. The sailors call it “La Vela” (The Sail). From here it derives the name of the house. The house , has a private access to the sea, that it is possible to reach trough a short path. Read More…

Villa Patrizia 

Villa Patrizia is located on the slopes of the mountain that overhangs Castellammare del Golfo, with panoramic view of the Gulf. It consists of three different types of housing options: Bouganvillea, Edera, Melograno and you can choose one of these accommodation which best suits your needs. The villa has a swimming pool, outdoor showers, garden, BBQ and barbecue parking area and these facilities are shared among the guests of the three housing units. The villa is one km away from the city center, three km from the sandy beach of Castellammare and ten km from Scopello and the Zingaro Nature Reserve.

Bouganvillea – Discount offer: (17.5% off bookings between 25/04-26/06 & 29/08-25/09) – £800 Make an enquiry

Italian Villas - casa de lupo





Read more…

Edera – Discount offer: (17.5% off bookings between 25/04-26/06 & 29/08-25/09) – £800 Make an enquiry

Italian Villas - patrizia edera





Read more…

Melograno – Discount offer: (17.5% off bookings between 25/04-26/06 & 29/08-25/09) – £800 Make an enquiry

Italian Villas - Patrizia Melograno





Read More…



For more options, make sure you look through our other wonderful Italian Villas in Sicily (all subject to availability)


Happy Holidays!


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