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The holy land

One of the most interesting places on earth – this tiny yet beautiful and diverse country will not leave you indifferent.


  • The average temperature on the coast of the Red Sea is 100 °F. It’s hot.
  • The Dead Sea has the saltiest water on earth
  • Golan Heights is famous for Mount Hermon, which is a major attraction for its snow: a rarity in Israel.
  • Mini Israel has over 385 beautifully crafted 3D models, which are exact replicas of Israel’s fantastic monuments.
  • Israel is also known for all-year-round events and festivals – not just religious, but also celebrating music, theatre, film and sports.

Where to stay in Israel


Israel attracted 3.3 million tourists in 2014 and is a great choice for holiday makers. It’s packed full with cultural history and an array of ancient and religious sites, dating back two millennia of human history. Israel is the world’s only Jewish democratic state and is home to sacred sites for Jews, Muslims and Christians, yet many go to Israel for its leisure and recreational activities – from nature spots to sunny beaches, diverse night life, first class diving and rich local and fusion cuisine.


tel-aviv-jaffa beach

Tel Aviv – Jaffa beaches

Israel is prized for its warm unspoiled Mediterranean beaches like Aqueduct Beach and Beit Yannai Beach. Its cosmopolitan city Tel-Aviv-Jaffa has a high concentration of Bauhaus buildings from the 1930’s and a multitude of museums, the highest per capita in the world!

A popular resort area is situated at the northern tip of the Red Sea: Eilat. Many divers come to explore the beautiful seascape of the Red Sea with its abundance of coral reefs and marine life.

There is an endless list of religious and other important sites in Israel, such as the Western wall, the Holy City of Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives, Yad Vashen Holocaust Memorial, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Dome of the Rock and Sea of Galilee, to name but a few. Everyone, including non-religious holiday-goers, can experience the extraordinary spiritual energy of Jerusalem. Travellers can retrace the footsteps of Jesus along the Sea of Galilee and visit the centre of Jewish mysticism Kabbalah  (in Hebrew) in Safed.

Israel is also great for children as they have tailor-made attractions such as the Jerusalem’s Time Elevator, which explores Israel’s history and Mini Israel. With its warm beaches, gentle surfs and interesting historical attractions children will have fun learning whilst sightseeing.


The historical city Jerusalem

Due to the vast number of sights to see first time travellers, often, opt for tailor-made tours with structured itineraries to ensure they see the best parts of Israel. There are a variety of tours that are catered for the specific needs from hiking, sight-seeing, sacred pilgrimage or adventure.

Many visit Israel for its beautiful nature spots including the ancient fortification of Massada or the vast emptiness and beauty of the Negev desert, which is located west of the Dead Sea. There are many eco-tourism options and desert adventures like rock climbing, rappelling, camel riding on the frankincense route, driving along dessert trails and all-terrain jeep trips.

A selection of modern inns and guest cabins with exclusive spas are available after long days of dessert exploration. For travellers who have an interest in winery they may like want to to visit the Galilee region, which makes up the centre of Israel’s fine wines and is filled with green valleys and hills.


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