DEMA Happens Once a Year, and with it comes Good Cheer!

Every year, the good and the great of the sub-marine world gather somewhere in the USA for the annual DEMA Dive Show.

DEMA is a traders-only event and, as you may expect, the best; the most exotic; the most adventurous, and the newest operations are launched – and, invariably, as you can imagine, they bring with them some of the best offers for worldwide diving.

Please read on for some of what we have available.
NB: All of the following offers are Liveaboard or Land Only – contact us for flight arrangements.

: Cocos Island, Costa Rica
Vessel: MV Sea Hunter
Dates: 28th November to 8th December 2013
Price from: £2,803.00pp – save up to $800.00pp!

NB: There is a $245.00pp park fee to be paid locally

Destination: Yap Pacific Dive Resort
Travel between 1st December 2013 and 1st November 2014 – book by 15th December 2013 – and enjoy a choice of the following two Special Package Rates:

Package One
4 nights bed and breakfast with 3 days boat diving (6 dives)
£450.00pp double occupancy / £540.00pp single occupancy (Upgrade options available)

Package Two
7 nights bed and breakfast with 5 days boat diving (10 dives)
£773.00pp double occupancy / £927.00pp single occupancy (Upgrade options available)

To further sweeten the pot…
Pay for 7 divers, the 8th diver gets free stay, breakfast and dives!
Pay for 10 divers, the 11th and 12th divers get free stay, breakfast and dives!

Also, both packages include: NITROX, weights, weight belt, full equipment service, refreshments, transfers, taxes, Mandarin Dive, Shark Feeding and 3-Course Gourmet Welcome Dinner.

: Fiji – Dive the Rainbow Reef! | Read more on Fiji!
Resort: Garden Island Resort, Taveuni
Dates: Travel by 31st March 2015 – book by 31st March 2014
Details: 7 nights with 5 days boat diving (2-tank dives), including return flights, transfers, taxes, daily continental breakfast; 2-course lunch and 3-course dinner, unlimited shore diving during shop hours and use of kayaks.
£2,251.00pp double occupancy / £2,380.00pp single occupancy. Contact us for upgrade and non-diver options.

To further sweeten the pot…
Pay for a group of 10 and get 2 free on entire package! Also includes two extra afternoon dives and a Traditional Meke dance performance and Lovo – Fijian-style barbecue – feast!

NB: Return flights are from Los Angeles to Nadi, and Nadi to Taveuni Island – contact us for flight arrangements to Los Angeles or alternatives.

Destination: Pulau Weh
Vessel: Thailand Aggressor
To celebrate the addition of this new dive destination, save up to $500.00pp – book by 30th November 2013 for the following benefits:
– Pay for 8 and get 2 free!
– Pay for 15 and get 3 free!

Also, secure 2014 rates for 2016!

Price from: £1,477.00pp in a Master or Deluxe Cabin / £1,219.00pp in Value Twin Cabin

Destination: Malpelo Island
Vessel: MV Yemaya
Dates: 9th to 19th February 2014
Details: 10 nights / 7 days diving – save up to 30%!

Price from: £2,009.00pp Master Cabin 1 / £1,964.00pp Master Cabin 2 / £1,892.00pp Standard w/ Private Bathroom / £1,670.00pp Standard w/ Shared Bathroom

NB: Additional costs as follows:
– Malpelo National Park fees: $90.00pp, per day (6 days)
– Nitrox: $100.00pp
– Fuel surcharge if Brent oil is over $100.00 15 days prior to departure

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